Gender 101

Chances are that you already know the differences between sex and gender, but some might not, so why don’t we clarify it?

Gender and Sex

There is a difference between gender and sex, a difference that might seem to keep growing for those learning. So to fully understand this, let’s cover the definitions:

  • Gender: who you really are
  • Sex: the body you inherited

Others may have different definitions but these are my own simplified takes on the two words.

We might as well add an example:

Let’s say you really do not like pink, are uncomfortable with it. Regardless of this, the world labels you to wear pink for your entire life. So, people assume you love pink. But what happens when your actual favorite color is blue? Imagine trying to tell someone your favorite color is blue when you always wear pink. They’ll say that it’s a lie or just a phase. They may not see it, but in reality that isn’t right, others forced pink upon you when you really like blue.

In a more complex and serious way, gender and sex are the same way. People are saying your favorite color is pink because of your appearance when really it is blue. So recognize the difference between appearance and who someone truly is, their true “color” and be yourself.

On a different note

This is probably the most important point I’ll make when it comes to overall gender. I’ll probably keep adding posts like this as I go along and learn/experience new stuff.


3 thoughts on “Gender 101

  1. i absolutely have enjoyable reading your blog. dont cease
    posting the excellent quality info!

  2. nclsgry says:

    Reblogged this on stumbling and lost and commented:
    Just read six of this person’s educational works about gender, gender identity, gender fluidity, and pronouns. All relatable to what I’m undergoing through right now, to be honest. A+

  3. Well actually, for narrow-minded people,

    “sex” in their dictionary means ‘cheap entertainment’.

    An enlightening post, by the way. 🙂

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