Asks: Resources for Queer Youth

Hello! Do you know any forums for people who are figuring their gender out? :-\

Hey, this is a perfectly reasonable question, to be able to talk and share your feelings with someone also questioning. Luckily there are a number of resources for those in the LGBT community online, including forums. For more information you can check out Resources for Questioning Youth: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual.

Though it may seem a bit discouraging, transgender issues tend to be lumped together with the rest of the LGBT community. However, this means you can find information on gender and sexuality all in one place.

So what resources do I recommend? All of the sites I will list will be more towards gender identity, of course.

Geared Towards Coming Out/Other’s Stories/Information

  • OutProud: offers tips on coming out, stories by other queer youth, recent news articles regarding the LGBTQ community, resources for suicide prevention, and a forum, though this doesn’t seem to be updated frequently and may focus more on sexuality
  • Antijen: this is more towards transsexuals but the site has the stories of transsexuals going through high school when they’re in the wrong body and other such stories and information
  • Youth Guardian Services: online support for LGBTQI and questioning youth

For Suicide Prevention & Support

  • The Trevor Project: the program offers help for LGBT and questioning youth to prevent suicide, along with sharing news in the LGBT community, general education of gender identity and sexuality, even for parents and educators
  • GLBT National Help Center: offers a phone line for LGBT people along with a page on frequently asked questions and a list of resources


  • LGBT, Sexuality and Gender Identity – Teen Help: forums that are still alive and offer the opportunity for LGBT youth to ask for others experience, knowledge, etc.
  • Transyada: alive forums that let users talk about gender, sexuality, and other subjects such as art
  • Empty Closets – LGBT forum on coming out and other people’s stories, updated really often and I’ve found very good advise on this forum

The Unfortunate Truth

Most forums for questioning youth that used to be active no longer are or the link is no longer good. Many of these forums were started years ago and have since died out.

The Positive Side

A lot of these forums have have closed but we still have a lot of sites offering resources and communities for questioning and queer people. To find more resources you can check out GenderqueerID  or browse through Tumblr. Chances are somewhere on this world wide web you’ll find someone you can talk to about yours and their experiences.


3 thoughts on “Asks: Resources for Queer Youth

  1. nclsgry says:

    I have a question- is being genderfluid/genderqueer exclusively connected to being a transgender? Do I have to be transgendered to be genderfluid/genderqueer? Because I don’t think I’m transgendered, but I might be genderfluid/genderqueer.

    • lyracameron says:

      Transgender tends to be connected with transsexualism, meaning to want to be the opposite gender. However, there is a difference. Transsexuals will want to be the opposite sex and undergo surgery to make this happen. Due to this connection, the LGBTQI community generally refers to transgender as trans* and can be taken as synonymous as “non-binary” meaning not specifically male or female. So by saying you’re genderqueer it can be the same thing as saying trans*. They’re both terms to imply outside of the binary but not interested in a sex change operation.

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