Exactly who am I?

I’m going to guess you’ve never heard of me and chances are I’ve never heard of you either. But for some reason fate has brought us together on my oh so fascinating blog. To introduce myself, I go by many names, which may either be because I’m mysterious, or I just have this weird obsession with picking out names and cannot settle on just one, and you must factor in that I will change from one day to the other, as all do I hope. In short terms, call me Annie if you are unsure but if you know what all of this business is about, feel free to use Cameron or Lyra as you please.

The Basics

  • I am currently in California and hope to move very soon
  • I will not be disclosing my age in public as I feel it is a bit irrelevant
  • I am a writer at heart and have been writing for as long as I can remember. This will probably continue for the rest of my life.
  • A rather unhealthy obsession with studying World War 2 Poland is one of the many issues I have to deal with on a daily basis. I would not be the same without it.

To sum it up nicely I am the small person people run into on a daily basis and feel terribly dreadful about afterwards due to my “sweet” personality, as most people assume. I enjoy being small, and relish in being able to label myself as a “tall hobbit” with the slimness of an elf. I am a Lord of the Rings and history fanatic and tend to over explain and over complicate my sentences as I am doing now because I want to be formal and fancy. I am also very delusional.

My Labels

I’m not saying to label everyone and everything because you might get those terribly wrong, but I’ve always had some comfort in having a label that I gave to myself. I suppose the fact that there is a word that actually exists out there that can describe who I am makes me feel very much better because it means other people have gone through the same thing as I have and there is help to be found. So what are my labels exactly?

Well there’s only one. One measly little label, and this is it:

  • Gender fluid: this is what I use to describe my gender. There are many broader terms I can and do use, such as trans* and genderqueer, but I find those to be a bit too broad for specifics.

I suppose there are other labels I can use to term my personality but let’s skip that. As for my sexual orientation, well that’s going to be a journey for us to take as well.

In case you want to see, this is the tumblr page for this blog. I will try and update regularly.


One thought on “About

  1. Franny says:

    It’s lovely to meet you and I am so glad I did. Stumbling onto your blog has just completely made my night. I’ve devoured all the posts you’ve written so far and eagerly await any future ones. I’ve been going down this same path and reading your stories/advice/etc has just made me feel very peaceful. And warm and fuzzy. Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up. It’s all been so wonderful.

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